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A Little More About Matthew

Matthew’s Sniper School Class Ft. Benning, GA

I’m a sixth generation Army campaign veteran, an ordained United Methodist Minister, and the descendant of a Trail of Tears survivor.  I would love to share my story with you and I often speak about different aspects of what I’ve learned along the way. If you want to learn more about me, you can do that here.

The Issues

Matthew and Kate Scraper

 If you’re of a like mind…if you’re like me and you would like to be represented by someone who has been born and raised within the At-Large District…then I would love to have your vote.Browse through my website and learn more about my story and my platform. Email or message me with your questions and thoughts, and let’s take the next step together! Learn more about where I stand on important issues here.

Matthew’s Cherokee Heritage

Matthew’s 2x Great Grandfather, Arch Scraper

I have a wonderfully diverse family made up of ancestors from around the world. The vast majority of the Citizens who live within our District share that distinction. My primary ethnic identifications are Cherokee, Scottish, Irish, and Norse. Amateur genealogy being a hobby of mine, I would LOVE to tell you their stories. However, for my purposes here, I’ll focus on my Cherokee heritage. You can learn more about that, and about me here.

“According to the homepage of the Cherokee Nation’s website, approximately 239,000 of our registered citizens live outside of the boundaries of the Cherokee Nation. My family has a long history of service to the Cherokee people, dating back well before the Trail of Tears. I’m ready to continue this great legacy of service to our Citizens by working with our Council to take the necessary steps to advocate for important and meaningful services for our At-Large Cherokee Citizens.”

Matthew B. Scraper
Kate, Matthew, and Robyn Scraper in Oklahoma City

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