amish shooting

Several years ago a man walked into an Amish schoolhouse and killed several children because he was angry with God for the illness that had taken the life of his own son some years before. His wife and family had no idea that the attack was to occur, and found out about it later in the day along with the rest of the nation. Horrified and grief stricken, the man’s widow began to plan the funeral service for her husband, who had also taken his life in the shooting. Though they had been members of a large church, hardly anyone came to the graveside funeral, something that didn’t surprise the young widow as she herself couldn’t stomach what her husband had done and didn’t understand how it could have happened.

As she stood there grieving her husband and the lives of the children that he had killed, she looked up to see the majority of the Amish community walking through the cemetery, all having come to support her so that she wouldn’t have to endure that day alone.

I remember that day, because I was angry. I couldn’t understand how someone could do something like that to innocent children, and I wanted justice. But God reminded me that day that God’s justice looks different…that judgment without complete knowledge and perfect love is always unjust…God’s justice is tempered by forgiveness.

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