blurry lenses

If I had been able to see well enough, I could literally have watched the color drain from my mother’s face. Suffice it to say, she had already told me more than once not to do what I was about to do. Nonetheless, first grade logic is what it is, and so there I stood, on the front row of students during my class’ Christmas program, getting ready to clean my glasses.

It always annoyed me when my lenses were blurry. I was one of those children with glasses so thick that most people could have seen the surface of the moon clearly through them, and I hated it when they were blurry. It wasn’t that I was about to clean them that bothered my mother. It wasn’t even that I was about to clean them in front of the entire student body and all of the parents in the middle of the Christmas program that bothered my mother. No, it was that my mother (because she is my mother) knew that my preferred method of cleaning my glasses (at this point in my life) was to take them off and lick them.

So, there I stood…in front of the entire school…licking my glasses.

You know, we each have a unique set of lenses through which we view the world around us. Those lenses are made from the way in which we process the experiences that make up our lives. When we process our life experiences in a healthy way, we form clear lenses through which to view the world. When we process our life experiences in a way that is not as healthy as it could be, then we form blurry lenses that keep us from seeing the world around us as it really is.

If the difficult experiences of your life are causing you to see others differently than they really are, or to see the world differently than it really is, then take some time this year to take your glasses off and have a look at your lenses…and do that together with God. If you do, you might find out that God is ready and willing to help you to re-process some of your difficult experiences in a way that keeps them from continuing to cause you pain by distorting your view of the world. God knows which experiences you are ready to re-process, and God has the tools necessary to help you to do so in a healthy way.

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