go get milk

A young man left a bible study late one evening and began to drive the well-known route home. They had spent the evening discussing whether or not God still speaks to people in a way that they can understand. Ever the skeptic, he decided to put God to the test. “God,” he said, “if you are real, then speak to me tonight in a way that I can understand.” As he drove away, he began to feel the unmistakable impression that he should buy some milk. Unable to shake the feeling, he decided that it must be God. He stopped at a local convenience store, purchased some milk and returned to his car. As he continued on his way home he began to feel foolish. Here was this milk sitting next to him, which he had purchased because of a feeling but had no idea why. “Okay God,” he said, “I have the milk…now what.” Just when he was about to decide that the whole thing was a figment of his own imagination, he felt the nudge again…this time to stop at an unremarkable house on his way home and offer them the milk. Frustrated and embarrassed, he couldn’t shake the feeling so he stopped.

Slowly he rang the doorbell, terrified of the embarrassing scene that was sure to ensue. When a young, confused and frustrated man answered the door, he shakily looked up and said, “Good evening. I’m sorry to bother you so late, but I have some milk here for you.” The man looked at him like he was crazy, then grabbed the milk and ran down the hallway. When he came back he had tears in his eyes when he said, “thank you. I lost my job and we’ve run out of money. We don’t even have enough to feed our baby. My wife and I have been praying all night long that God would find a way to feed our son.”

God still speaks. Ask him to open the ears of your heart so that the next time that he speaks to you, you’ll be ready to listen.

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