tunnel vision

Several years ago, a movie came out about an orphaned bear cub that was trying to survive on its own. At one point in the movie, the cub begins to form a relationship with an adult male grizzly…a unique experience in and of itself. While not a mother to the young cub, the grizzly allows the cub to tag along, even taking care of it from time to time. As is the case in any movie, an antagonist soon arrives in the form of a mountain lion. It becomes obvious very quickly that this new character will go to great lengths to make a meal of the young cub at the first available opportunity.

Eventually, circumstances separate the cub from the adult grizzly, and the mountain lion pounces on the opportunity for a quick meal. Chasing the young cub for quite some time, the mountain lion eventually backs the cub out onto a rock next to a river. With nowhere left to run, a visible change comes over the young cub. He musters all of his strength and roars at the mountain lion for all that he is worth. Of course, the sound that comes out of his mouth is pitiful and inadequate. Nonetheless, the expression of the large cat changes dramatically and the animal begins to do everything that it can to back away from the cub. Emboldened, the young cub begins to roar even louder. Just then, the camera pans out and the image clears to reveal the male grizzly standing on his hind legs right behind the cub, roaring for all that he is worth.

Sometimes the brokenness that we are experiencing causes us to look at life with tunnel-vision…forcing us to see our plight from one limited perspective and making us believe that we are enduring our brokenness alone. The truth is that while God never promises that you won’t experience brokenness, God does promise that you will never have to experience brokenness alone. If you are living through brokenness right now, then take a moment to let the camera of your life pan out a little bit. If you do, you may just find that even though you never saw Him, God has been standing right behind you the whole time…roaring for all that He is worth.

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