uniquely gifted

Last winter it was cold…bitterly cold. In While my girls diligently pray for snow each and every year, I am perfectly content to sit on the bed underneath a blanket and read a good book in the warmth of my own bedroom.

I have a soft spot for Siberian Huskies. What you may not know is that according to the American Kennel Club, the Si-berian Husky (or “Sibe” as they’re often called) is recognized as the oldest “pure” breed of any of the AKC registered dogs. By this, of course, the AKC means that Sibe’s have not been inter-bred with other dogs to form a new kind of dog for what is believed to be several thousand years (most AKC registered dogs are the result of inter-breeding over the last 100-200 years or so to come up with the breed that exists today). If you read much about Sibe’s you’ll find out that they are bred to do two things. The first of those things (and what endears them to my heart) is that they are bred to love people. Sibe’s are well known for being the best “people-dogs” around, and the worst guard dogs ever. Sibe’s just love people.

Sibe’s are also bred to pull heavy loads quickly over long distances in extremely cold and harsh conditions. In fact, most literature states that as the weather gets colder, a Sibe gets more active (a fact that I am happy to confirm). While a Sibe can survive in weather to around –70 degrees F, they are most comfortable between about –10 and 15 degrees F.

Siberian Huskies are uniquely gifted for a very specific and demanding purpose…and so are you. God may not be calling you to pull heavy loads in frigid conditions, but God has gifted you for something very special. It is okay to fit where you fit. If you want to find real happiness this year, then choose to embrace your calling, no matter how unique it may seem.

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