falling leaves

“Behold, I am making all things new.”

Revelation 21:5

I have always loved autumn. Though many people seem to look forward to the warmth of spring and summer, there is just something refreshing about this transitional season that rejuvenates my soul. I love the crisp feeling of the first trace of brisk autumn air, and the smell that accompanies the return of the north wind. I love the return to life and laughter and love that follows the long, slow months of summer. I love to watch the leaves transform from a brilliant emerald green to the yellows and reds and oranges that turn the tapestry of the landscape into a masterful work of art.

I also love to watch the leaves as they begin to fall. It always seems that some of them seem to rush from their perch as if eager to take flight, while others cling to the safety of their branches only reluctantly giving up their hold when a blast of wind forces them into the unknown.

Perhaps I am like the leaf, sometimes shedding the chains that restrain me for the next great adventure of my life; while at other times cleaving to the known with all my strength, reluctant to let it go for fear of the unknown. Or, perhaps I am also like the tree; working through a season of my life to produce something healthy, strong, and enduring only to realize that there is a cycle to the rhythm of my life. That life cycle brings with it new growth only at the expense of purging what I have spent so much time nurturing. Part of me remains, ready and waiting to work and grow and produce and nurture again; but in order to do so I must let go of what has come to pass.

There is a time to cleave, and a time to release; a time to hold on, and a time to let go. If God is working through a season of your life right now to grow something strong, healthy and enduring, then it is time to hold on. However, it may also be that you are in a transitional season; a time when God is asking that you let go of what has passed…let it be what God intended it to become…so that you can be ready to grow into what God knows is yet to be. Whichever season you may be in, choose to embrace what God is doing within it. If you do, you may just find that God has already prepared you for the journey that lies ahead, whatever it may be.

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