Autumn Scent Boil

Do this soon. It singularly beckons Autumn into your home, and it’s simple.

The credit for this recipe goes to Megan Scraper .

The Ingredients

Apple Butter (Freshly cut apples will do the trick if you need a substitute)
Orange Peels (We often use an entire sliced orange)
Pumpkin Spice
Maple Syrup

The Recipe

Combine those ingredients in whatever manner you see fit into a saucepan.

If you know me, and you follow me, then you know by now that scents and tastes are important to me. As a result, I rarely measure my spices and ingredients. In this instance, combine the elements together until you are interrupted by Autumn personified knocking at your front door.

Fill the rest of the saucepan with water. Turn your burner on to medium high heat anytime that you want your home to smell like the season.

You don’t need to clean this out frequently. You can leave it on your burner, and fill it up with water every few days…lighting the burner each evening for 3 or 4 days or so before you clean the saucepan and start over again.

Published by Matthew Scraper

Marathoner | UMC Minister | Veteran Sniper | Fiercely Cherokee

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