Mr. Holland’s Opus

In 1995, MGM studios released a movie starring Richard Dreyfus called Mr. Holland’s Opus. The movie told the story of a high school music teacher whose sole ambition it was to write a great American symphony. As the story unfolds, viewers enter into this teacher’s lifelong journey with music, experiencing the joys and struggles bothContinue reading “Mr. Holland’s Opus”

Super Running Hugs

“Find what scares you the most and go live there.” Unknown Nothing compares to a dad hug.  They were only toddlers when super running hugs became as common as anything else in our home. I would kneel at one end of whatever hallway might be situated within our current home, my daughters barely containing theirContinue reading “Super Running Hugs”

Chicken Noodle Soup

The Ingredients Whole Chicken (I prefer NAE, if possible)Whole, Unpeeled Carrots (8)Celery Stalk (1)Large Yellow Onion (1)Green Onions (1 bunch)Shallot (1)Minced GarlicFresh Parsley (1 bunch)Maple SyrupChicken Broth 32 oz (2)Celtic Sea SaltCoarse Black PepperExtra Wide Egg Noodles (1 bag) The Recipe There really is nothing quite like a great bowl of chicken noodle soup onContinue reading “Chicken Noodle Soup”

Margherita Pizza

The Ingredients The Sauce:Crushed Fire Roasted Tomatoes (28 oz can) (2)Tomato Paste (6 oz can) (1)Minced GarlicItalian SeasoningCoarse Black PepperCeltic Sea Salt The Crust:Artisan Bread Flower (2 cups)Active Dry Yeast ( 1 Packet)Sugar (about 2 Tbsp)Celtic Sea Salt (about 1 Tbsp)Extra Virgin Olive Oil The Toppings:Sliced Mozzarella or Burrata CheeseFresh Basil Leaves (preferably straight fromContinue reading “Margherita Pizza”

Matthew’s Chili

Ingredients Lean Ground Beef (1-1.5 lbs)Ground Sweet Italian Sausage (1-1.5 lbs)Sweet Green Bell Pepper (1)Large Yellow Onion (1)Large Red Onion (1)Stewed Fire Roasted Tomatoes (1 28 oz can)Dark Red Kidney Beans (1 14.5 oz can)Tomato Sauce (1 8 oz can)Guinness Stout (1 bottle)Worcestershire SauceMinced Garlic (4 cloves)Celtic Sea SaltCoarse Black PepperCrushed BasilGround CinnamonDill WeedChili PowderPaprikaDarkContinue reading “Matthew’s Chili”