The Wounded Dog

“But if you are patient, and you wait long enough, That dog will eventually come out from under the porch.” ~ Grandpa Fourkiller, The Cherokee Word for Water It is almost impossible to accept that there are people in modern America who do not have access to clean drinking water. Nonetheless, this was the realityContinue reading “The Wounded Dog”

Sheet Pan Chicken and Sausage

The Ingredients Broccoli Florets (1 bunch)Red Onions (4)Polska Kielbasa Bone-In Chicken Thighs and Drumsticks (3 lbs)Olive OilBalsamic VinegarCeltic Sea SaltCoarse Black PepperGarlic PowderRed Pepper Flakes The Recipe Abstract though it might be, I’ve always looked at the calendar year as if it were a day. Spring is the morning. It’s a time for birthing newContinue reading “Sheet Pan Chicken and Sausage”

Boston Lager Beef Stew

The Ingredients Sirloin Steaks (2)Carrots (4)New Potatoes (4)Medium Yellow Onion (1)Baby Bella Mushrooms (8)Olive OilSalted ButterGarlic (3 Cloves)Sam Adams Boston Lager (1 Bottle)Beef Broth (4 Cups)Worcestershire SauceTomato Paste (1 Can)PaprikaSugarCeltic Sea SaltCoarse Black PepperAll Purpose FlourFresh Parsley (Minced) The Recipe Before I begin, you should know a few things about the way that I cook.Continue reading “Boston Lager Beef Stew”

When Goodness Happened

“More important than our experience of Christ, is the Christ of our experience.” ~ James B. Torrance Recently, my youngest daughter was tasked with a project that spanned two of her middle-school classes. The project focused on creating a PowerPoint presentation (one class) that told the story of the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany duringContinue reading “When Goodness Happened”

Finding Scraper Mountain

Following Highway 9 across the Alabama border from Northwest Georgia, I was captivated by the height of the mountains that spanned the breadth of my vision on either side of the road. Sparsely populated, the region had an oddly familiar quality that betrayed the timelessness of the generational memory that radiated from the very groundContinue reading “Finding Scraper Mountain”