The Freedmen Challenge

Feb 6, 2021

A Statement from Matthew Scraper about the Challenge to Marilyn Vann’s Candidacy

While I hope to be honored with the opportunity to serve the Cherokee Nation and the constituents of the At-Large District, I fully support the right of Marilyn Vann to be a candidate just as I would for any other eligible citizen of the Cherokee Nation.

A large and diverse group of qualified candidates increases the likelihood that the citizens of our district will be well represented. To even question the validity of a Freedman candidacy represents Eurocentric thinking and applies morals and values of the very societies that the Cherokee Nation has sought to resist since English colonization. A diverse slate of well-qualified candidates helps us to build a stronger Nation, just as informed voters with access to transparency in political leadership make better decisions.

As a candidate in the same race, I welcome ideas for the betterment of the Cherokee people from all corners of the Nation and look forward to discussing with all the candidates how best to accomplish our common goals.

Matthew B. Scraper

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