The Issues

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“If we’re going to have a hope of making a positive difference in the world, then we’re going to have to stop trying to make disciples who follow Christ, and start making disciples who know Christ.”

-Matthew B. Scraper

Religion and Culture

Take a look at the organizations that you belong to. If the leaders within your organization are voluntarily participating in faith communities that actively teach discrimination and bigotry AND there is inequity within your organization, that isn’t likely to be a coincidence. Faith has a real impact on culture. From human sexuality, to racial reconciliation, to the complex relationship between faith and public policy, I’d love to share some thoughts with you that you may not have previously considered.

Practical Spirituality

I believe that the love of Christ is proactive, sacrificial, and unconditional. A love like that can only be shared without judgment our coercion. I’ve spent a lifetime teaching a way of encountering the teaching of Christ through the lens of that kind of love, and I believe that it makes all of the difference in the world. If something inside of you is screaming that there’s got to be more to life than what religion has taught us, than I’d love to talk with you.

The Real Lives of Ministers

I nearly snorted the day that my daughter asked me whether pastors have taste buds. “You literally eat everything at every church meal…whether you like it or not.” Life in ministry can be the loveliest of tragedies. From loving without measure, to the weekly anxiety that comes from an endless stream of critiques, as the son of a career minister and a minister myself, I’ve seen it…and heard it. Give me a chance to help you learn how to love your life in the midst of it.

Matthew has done more than anyone in my life to help me to know God for myself

Lynn Harmeyer

Let’s make a difference that matters.

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